It is completely official.  We (or at least I) am pregnant.  Wow.

We had planned on getting pregnant soon, but didn't expect it to happen right away.  I thought it would take a few months for my system to get back to normal after 12 years on the pill.  Um, not so much.  I had one crazy long break after coming off the pill before finally getting a period.  Then one normal cycle.  Next time around, I got pregnant.  Huh.  After reading all of the stories online of women who waited months (or over a year!) to get a regular cycle again, I was not expecting that.

The funny thing is that we both knew I was pregnant within days.  Hormonal screeching fits (not something I'm normally subject to) and weird food cravings (caramelized onions first thing in the morning) appeared within the first week.  After an intense dance practice I was so unbelievably wiped out that I couldn't understand what was wrong with me.  Actually, I had a suspicion but was having trouble believing it myself.  After an exhausting trip to the grocery store, I debated whether it would be worth taking a pregnancy test when I was only a day late.  I decided that knowing one way or the other would mean I could maybe sleep a little easier that night. 
I didn't tell my husband what I was doing, I figured there was no point getting him excited one way or the other since I didn't know for sure myself.  I locked myself in the bathroom and peed on the stick.  It showed positive within 10 seconds.  Then I covered it with the box and refused to look again for the requisite 2 minutes.  Still positive.  I think I actually backed into the corner and stared at it on the counter for a minute.  Then I read the instructions to make sure I was reading it right.  Then I read them again.  And then one more time, reading every word very carefully.  By this time my husband was knocking on the bathroom door.  I opened it a little and he say the test box on the counter.  When he looked at me, I couldn't say anything, I just nodded.  So we did the obvious thing: we went to the store and bought more tests.  

Now, three positive tests later (and a fourth positive from the doctor) and I am most definitely pregnant.

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