How to Freak Out a Pregnant Woman

Scared yet? I am.

I noticed a tiny bit of spotting last night after dance practice.  Tiny bit.  I spotted a bit a few weeks ago but again, just a tiny bit.  Again this morning.  Just a little, but maybe a tiny bit more than the tiny bit last night? Or maybe that's just my brain freaking out.  My doctor said at visit #1 two weeks ago that a tiny bit of spotting was ok and nothing to freak out about.  That's why I don't really like my doctor that much (that and he read the obstetrical chart wrong and gave me the wrong due date at first - that's another story for another time). 

I'm trying to convince myself that everything is just fine.  I've always been an irregular spotter between cycles so maybe its just my default setting.  I think the term is friable cervix, a name that honestly makes me think of Silence of the Lambs and then I wanna wretch.  Basically it means that it bleeds easy.  My doctor's words were that my cervix is "very vascular". 

I don't really know exactly what to do.  God I wish I had a midwife.  At least in my head I envision being able to call a midwife and ask her these little nagging questions but calling my doctor means explaining myself to his receptionist and then making an appointment and going in at his earliest convenience.  The midwife situation here sucks.  I've inquired at every midwife in the area and they are all completely booked for December already.  I was barely 4 weeks pregnant when I sent these inquiries.  How the hell could they have booked up already? How could people know they were pregnant any sooner than that??  Sigh.  I digress.

I suppose I'll just go into work and wait breathlessly for the next time I have to pee.  Please, please, please let everything be ok.

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  1. Any developments on this, yet? How are you feeling? I read this and was thinking about you this weekend!


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