Taking a Peek Tomorrow

So, I'm going for an early ultrasound tomorrow.  Just to make sure everything is still proceeding according to plan.  I had a couple rounds with wicked cramps yesterday and the night before so just checking up.  And by wicked I mean eeevviillll! As in bringing tears to your eyes, losing your ability to speak, cold sweats, and a desperate feeling of wanting to throw up.  Nasty stuff.

The doc checked me out today and said that as long as I'm not bleeding (which I'm not) then it should still be ok but they're going to do the ultrasound to make sure I'm not on the road to a miscarriage and that the baby is developing on schedule.  I'm kind of excited to see how it goes.  The reassurance from the doctor made me feel a lot better but I'd rather know if there is a problem than be in the dark.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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