I've got a secret...

We've been keeping it secret so far.  I've told my husband (obviously) and we were going to keep it between just us for a little while longer.  Then we decided that I needed to tell my best friend (who also happens to be my regular dance partner) since we have a show in two weeks and I can't get my swollen boobs into my old costume already.  She needed to know why.  Also why I need to sit down every 10 minutes during rehearsal (I can't believe how quickly I get tired now!!).

So, keeping it mum for now.  We have fun plans of telling our parents on Mother's Day (Yay Grandma!) but keeping it quiet for another 2 1/2 weeks just might kill me.  I'm sure that the girl at the next desk over in the lab already suspects something is up (or it could just be in my head).  I've had a sore back (I put it out during rehearsal last week) and everyone keeps telling me to take some really wicked muscle relaxants.  Or have a stiff drink and relax.  Or just keep downing ibuprofen.  None of which are an option right now and I'm getting really creative with excuses about why I haven't picked up drugs A, B or C and no I just don't feel like having a glass of wine right now (even though I have a glass of wine every time I visit).  Its kind of fun but also kind of tiring (everything is tiring right now).  I'll be happy when everyone knows I'm pregnant and they stop asking me to ingest things that I can't have right now.

Of course then they'll be constantly harping about the things I am ingesting that I really shouldn't be...  Maybe I can keep it secret for a little longer...

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