I'm back

Sigh, I always start blogging with the best of intentions...

Oh well, spilled milk and all that.  I'm one day short of 18 weeks now with Pickle.  That's going by the date from my first ultrasound at 7w1d.  Things have been pretty good so far except for a few days of spotting after overworking myself up at Yellowhead.  Whoops.  A very scared trip to the hospital in Edson and a couple nerve-wracking nights before my own doctor told me I was just fine and that spotting isn't really something to stress about too much (especially when it happens after one has been out stripping vegetation and carrying buckets that on reflection, were probably too heavy).  A second ultrasound (and no follow-up calls for further "discussion") pretty much calmed things down.  I don't think Pickle was actually aware of how much drama they were creating (although to be fair, the blood wasn't coming from anywhere near the baby- it was solely a mommy-related issue).  Baby's heartrate was great both times it was checked and wiggly baby is getting more noticeable every day it seems.

Plus, baby is measuring a wee bit big even for my earlier dates.  As of last Thursday the baby weighed about 8 or 9 ounces and was measuring in around 18 weeks (when the dates were 17w1d or 16w5d depending on how you want to let that one work out).  Could I possibly be a bit farther along than I thought?  Or am I just going to have a Paul Bunyan-sized baby?  (Thanks Amber and Mom for that cheery thought).

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