The cat is slowly creeping out of the bag

We finally told my parents last night and Nick's parents on Friday.  Both were pretty fun to tell.  Nick's mom insisted that she already knew since I'd been exhausted and sleeping on their couch and apparently making enough trips to the bathroom to make her suspicious on recent visits.  My parents were pretty stunned.  Happy of course, but still a little shell-shocked. 

Now I'm starting to think about who to tell and how in the next few weeks.  I still have a little bit of nervousness about telling all and yonder while I'm still in my first trimester but the ultrasound and checking the baby's heartrate have made me feel a bit more relaxed.  I think that work is the next group on the agenda to be let in on the secret since it will probably impact my office whether I intend for it to or not.  So that's probably going to be today or tomorrow.

All I want to is get the information out to the people I want in the order that I want rather than having my Grandma find out about her new "great-ness" on Facebook!  

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